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How a Green Stone Transformed My Life

I was about 17 when my mother, a friend, and I decided to escape to the tranquility of the mountains for a weekend. Hungary, with its absence of towering peaks, still holds little villages nestled in the woods that are perfect for calming the mind and connecting with nature.
Since childhood, I had a fascination with collecting gemstones during our hikes. Obsidian, rock crystal, agate – I had been fortunate to find these beautiful pieces. However, on this particular trip, I was possessed by the idea of discovering a green gemstone. My mother, a skepticer, dismissed the notion, insisting that nobody ever found green gems in these mountains. Undeterred, I clung to my wish.

On the last day of our retreat, during a leisurely walk before heading home, my eyes remained fixed on the ground. My mother, growing frustrated, admonished me, "Stop looking for it; you'll never find a green gemstone here!" At that moment, a stranger approached us, revealing that she had been at a nearby yoga retreat for several days. Her daughter had requested a green gemstone, and despite diligent searching, she found none. Determined to prove otherwise, I assured her that nothing was impossible, and at that very moment, I spotted a green shimmer at her feet.

I was so excited and began to dig it up with my fingers, much to my mother's skepticism. She thought it was a mere piece of glass. But as I held it in my hand, she became speechless. I broke off a small block of it for the woman's daughter, evoking gratitude that touched my heart.
At 17, I was oblivious to the Law of Attraction or manifestation, yet it worked seamlessly. In times of difficulty or seeking inspiration, I hold my beautiful green stone, a tangible reminder that anything is possible. It wasn't just the stone itself. It was the realization that directing our undivided attention towards a desire, coupled with a strong belief, will bring it to life.
This green gemstone became a symbol of the power of focused intention and belief that gives me strength during challenging times.
Despite my love for gemstones and crystals, I'm no expert. Unsure of its exact identity, I speculate it might be Moldavite. What do you think? If you have any insights, please feel free to contact me.
May you find your green stone—a symbol of hope, resilience, and boundless possibilities.


With 💖 Susan from The Divine Ginger

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