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The Divine Ginger

Abstract Angels Bookmark Set- Hand-Painted Watercolor Bookmarks

Abstract Angels Bookmark Set- Hand-Painted Watercolor Bookmarks

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Embrace the Angelic Realm with Hand-Painted Watercolor Bookmarks

Dive into a world of celestial artistry with our hand-painted bookmarks inspired by the realm of angels. These bookmarks are more than just placeholders; they're glimpses into the ethereal, handcrafted on 425 gsm cotton paper.

Heavenly Watercolor Creations: Each bookmark is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, painted with love and inspiration. 

Made to Be Admired: Crafted on 425 gsm cotton paper, these bookmarks are not just placeholders; they are collectible artworks that you'll admire with every page you turn. The heavyweight paper adds a tactile dimension, making your reading experience even more special.

Angelic Inspiration: These angel-inspired bookmarks are a tribute to the celestial realm. Each piece evokes a sense of peace, serenity, and spiritual connection. They're a reminder of the angelic presence in our lives.

A Bundle of Blessings: In this bundle, you'll receive three unique bookmarks, each radiating its own angelic charm. This trio of heavenly creations makes a perfect gift for the book lovers and spiritual seekers in your life. Or keep them for yourself to infuse your reading with a touch of divinity.

Size and Craftsmanship: Each bookmark measures 7" x 5", a size that's perfect for books, journals, or as standalone pieces of art. They come with a handmade cotton band, adding to their artisanal charm. 

Unique and One-of-a-Kind: No two bookmarks are the same. The hand-painted nature of these creations ensures that each piece is a unique work of art, with its own subtle variations and nuances. You have a piece of angelic artistry when you hold one of these bookmarks.

Elevate Your Reading Experience: Let our angel-inspired bookmarks become a part of your reading ritual. Whether you're reading a spiritual text or a favorite novel, these bookmarks infuse your moments with a sense of connection and inspiration.

Gift the Gift of Angels: Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? These hand-painted bookmarks make a thoughtful and cherished present for any occasion. Share the beauty and blessings of the angelic realm with someone special.

Elevate your reading experience and connect with the divine through our hand-painted angel-inspired bookmarks. Each one is a unique masterpiece, a window to the celestial realm. Order your bundle today and bring the grace of angels into your reading journey. 

After purchase, all rights to this artwork, including but not limited to reproduction rights, remain with the artist, Susan Cibere of The Divine Ginger. The buyer is granted the right to own and display the physical artwork for personal enjoyment or decor but does not acquire any rights to reproduce or distribute the artwork for commercial purposes without the explicit written consent of the artist.

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