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Susan Cibere Art

Connected1- Limited Edition Art Print

Connected1- Limited Edition Art Print

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Connected1 Limited Edition Art Prints

"Connected1" Limited Edition Art Print

Exquisite art prints of "Connected1" - an opportunity to bring the timeless beauty of this nature-inspired masterpiece into your space.

  • Limited to Only 250 Prints: Each print is a piece of a limited edition, ensuring that you own a truly unique work of art.
  • A Faithful Reproduction: These prints faithfully capture every nuance of my original charcoal drawing.
  • Signed and Numbered: To further enhance their collectible value, each print is personally signed and numbered on the back by yours truly.
  • Gallery-Grade Quality: These prints are crafted on high-quality paper, ensuring the colors remain vibrant and true to the original.
  • Generous Dimensions: Each print includes a 1 - 2 inch white border to facilitate framing.
  • Size: 16"x 12" 

"Connected1" art prints are a testament to the enduring connection between humanity and nature, captured in every stroke of the charcoal and delicate touch of golden highlights.

Don't miss your chance to own a piece of this limited edition. Embrace the beauty of "Connected1" in your home today!

Discover the enchantment of The Divine Ginger's artistry, where nature's secrets come to life, and beauty flourishes in every print.


After purchase, all rights to this artwork, including but not limited to reproduction rights, remain with the artist, Susan Cibere of The Divine Ginger. The buyer is granted the right to own and display the physical artwork for personal enjoyment or decor but does not acquire any rights to reproduce or distribute the artwork for commercial purposes without the explicit written consent of the artist.

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